In case of emergency?

Talk to an Emergency physician.

MedCall is a dedicated telehealth service provider staffed 100% by licensed, certified Emergency physicians. We focus on workplace injury as well as traditional telehealth triage for health and care.

What are the advantages of a telehealth triage visit over a trip to a local urgent care center or Emergency department?

Whether it’s an injured worker or a consumer looking to treat a minor illness or injury, local in-person care struggles with:

Long wait times and crowded waiting rooms

Potential for significant
avoidable costs and expense

Down time due to travel to and from the emergency department

MedCall’s physician network offers:

  • 24 x 7 x 365 availability in virtually any language

  • Predictable cost model that is significantly lower than urgent care and Emergency visits
  • 100% Emergency physicians with focused experience and an understanding of workers’ comp policies and procedures

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