MedCall Telehealth for Construction Workers

Accidents happen. We’ve got your back.

MedCall delivers quality care wherever you are.

Whether you’re building residential, or a large industrial site accidents and injuries happen. Employers need the confidence in knowing their employees have access to the highest-quality physicians in the shortest amount of time.

MedCall exclusively offers emergency medicine physician telehealth triage, 24 x 7 x 365, no matter where you’re located. Our focus is on safe return to work, first aid/medical and injury reporting.

For years, MedCall has had deep roots in the construction industry. Our experience and empathy with drivers provides them with the confidence that they can access a physician anytime, anywhere.

Our emergency physicians are licensed in all 50 states, so no matter where your workers are we have you covered, 24/7.

  • On demand medical care; no schedules, no appointments

  • For both emergent and non-emergent events

  • Detailed injury reporting and instant transmission to all stakeholders

  • Secure communications with everything stored for seven years

Don’t Take our Word for It

MedCall construction clients count on the time, money, and efficiency savings of MedCall’s telehealth and injury reporting services.

“MedCall is a valuable asset within our Worker’s Comp management. We are confident when an injury or accident occurs, our employees will receive immediate assistance and care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to immediate access to care, MedCall provides Intake Reports for every reported incident/injury. These reports are incredibly thorough and help us initiate our claims process with clear documentation. We are grateful for their services, open communication, and partnership.”

- Megan Conner, Conner Logistics

“MedCall Advisors’ telemedicine service provides our member companies with an option for over the road truck drivers to have access to a board-certified physician even when they are away from their home location. Our experience has been that this prevents drivers from seeking unnecessary treatment at a local ER for non-emergency injuries, thus saving our member companies money and often avoiding OSHA recordable injuries.”

- Suzy Baker, ATA Comp Fund

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average direct medical cost savings per MedCall telehealth triage call


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