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MedCalls’ physician telehealth triage services gives employees immediate access to healthcare.

Workers’ compensation claims cost employers more than $60 billion annually. With nearly one in 25 employees being injured on the job, every opportunity to reduce individual costs is meaningful.

Physician Telehealth Triage

When an employee is injured on the job, concern turns to real medical costs, lost time and productivity impact, and legal and fraud risk.

The ability to immediately connect the worker with a licensed Emergency physician can reduce costs, risk, and improve employee care.

MedCall provides the industry’s leading workers’ compensation solution exclusively offering real time emergency medicine physician telehealth triage and injury reporting.

  • Minimal lost productivity; employee remains on site

  • For both emergent and non-emergent events

  • Fewer urgent care/ER visits = lower costs

  • On demand medical care; no schedules, no appointments

  • Highly trained injury intake specialists guide the employee through the process

  • Detailed injury reporting and instant transmission to all stakeholders

  • Secure communications with everything stored for seven years

  • Available reports provide insight into injury trends and outcomes



of visits resolved without being seen in person


of employees returned to work after visit


savings over a traditional Emergency Department visit

$400 on average medical cost savings per injury

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