As someone who has been following the healthcare industry for many years, I am thrilled to see the rise of telehealth and how it is transforming the way that young people receive healthcare services. Telehealth, or telemedicine, has been around for decades, but the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated its adoption and highlighted its benefits.

Young people, in particular, have been enthusiastic adopters of telehealth. They are comfortable with technology and value the convenience and accessibility that telehealth offers. In fact, a recent survey published in Telemedicine and e-Health, found that 68% said they would prefer to have virtual visits using a video connection, with only 23% preferring telephone only, and 90% of them were satisfied with their experience. One area where telehealth has proven to be particularly effective is in the treatment of workplace injuries.

Young people, who are often working in physically demanding jobs, are at equal risk of workplace injuries. With telehealth, they can connect with healthcare providers quickly and easily, without having to leave work or travel to a clinic. Telehealth providers can assess the injury remotely, provide guidance on self-care, and even prescribe medication if needed.

Telehealth is also useful for young people who work in remote or rural areas, where access to healthcare may be limited. With telehealth, they can receive prompt care, regardless of their location, but it needs to continue to evolve. “The most important thing we learned [from our study] is that as telemedicine grows, it isn’t going to be a one size fits all system, especially for tech savvy younger generations,” said Marika Waselewski, M.P.H., MyVoice project coordinator. This is especially important as younger workers join the workforce.

Overall, telehealth offers a convenient and efficient option for young workers who need treatment for workplace injuries. It provides accessibility, quality care, and convenience that can help young people get back on their feet and back to work quickly. As telehealth continues to evolve and become more widely available, it will be exciting to see how it can continue to benefit young people in the workplace and beyond.

About MedCall

MedCall was founded with the unique idea to partner with Emergency Medicine physicians to enable the most comprehensive and experienced tele-triage possible. We believe that connecting an injured employee at the time of injury with a physician trained in both Emergency Medicine and workers’ compensation policies delivers the fastest and most accurate treatment and advice. With over seven years’ experience servicing over 100,000 employers, MedCall reduces workplace injury costs, speeds return-to-work time, and creates better experiences for employees.