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April 1, 2019

Where did the idea for MedCall come from?

by admin in Blogs

MedCall became interested in telemedicine when the experts debated how the Affordable Care Act would impact healthcare. Though the conversation was partisan, everyone agreed there would be a vast increase in enrolled patients, and that increase would strain an already burdened provider network.

We looked at how technology could be utilized to increase provider capacity and lower cost. What we saw was existing telemedicine industry models do exactly the opposite. Once a medical practice defined a technological solution, scheduling became the problem. When scheduling became problematic, less qualified medical staff were added to provide triage, delaying treatment. Billing and insurance further complicated matters.

The telemedicine industry was, and still remains, operated by technology companies who are trying to facilitate healthcare, rather than by medical providers leveraging technology to provide continuity of acute remote care. We concluded the only way for telemedicine to work was to remove all barriers by providing patients a direct connection to physicians without pre-screening or triage. Moreover, we determined the physicians best equipped to impact the outcome of acute medical events were those board certified in Emergency Medicine.

MedCall was created in response to that need, with a specialization in supporting companies whose employees get hurt on the job. Learn how this works to help people get connected to the care they need, when they need it, so they can get back to work faster.

Our results are quite clear. Allowing employees to self-report their injuries eliminates fear and uncertainty for them, as well as time spent waiting, perhaps unnecessarily, in an ER or urgent care. Immediate connection to a doctor board certified in Emergency Medicine avoids time spent in triage by less qualified medical personnel. For employers, this model avoids reporting lag time, fraud and baseless litigation, and cost.

The idea for MedCall came from a unique, simple and streamlined approach to improve outcomes in healthcare. We have succeeded in the workers’ compensation industry and welcome conversation among those interested in applying our model to a broader reach in healthcare.

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