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April 1, 2019

What is self-reporting? Does it actually work?

by admin in Blogs

Self-reporting is simply the exercise of allowing an injured worker to reach out directly to a medical professional when an accident or injury occurs. This is exactly what happens when an injured employee connects immediately with a doctor board certified in Emergency Medicine through MedCall. As the worker and the doctor talk through the accident, the injury and the treatment, the conversation is recorded and archived as an accurate, real-time documentation of what actually happened.

Self-reporting works because the documentation is taken from a firsthand account rather than something passed through a coworker, then supervisor to the employer and carrier. Self-reporting also eliminates costly reporting lag time. Statistics show reports that linger more than 48 hours have been proven to cost as much as 51% more. Unfortunately, self-reporting is not the standard in the workers’ comp industry, which focuses more energy on a few looking to “game the system” at the expense of the rest.

In addition to quantifiable metrics like saved time, money and productivity, self-reporting allows for a higher quality experience. Not only is each injured worker provided with quality and convenient treatment, but they are also greeted warmly and treated with compassion from our staff. We remove anxiety by assuring the employee we will notify their employer as well as the insurance carrier so he or she can concentrate on recuperating. 

At MedCall, we have found time and time again that injured workers want to get back to work as quickly as possible. A workers’ compensation industry focused on this would better serve those who matter most.

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