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April 1, 2019

“Should I go to the ER anyway?” Who is liable when employees stay home?

by admin in Blogs

At MedCall, we pride ourselves on saving companies money by helping their injured workers avoid unnecessary visits to the emergency department and urgent care. This naturally brings up the question of liability. Who is at fault if a hurt worker does not go to the doctor? 

A company’s policy in regards to what an employee should do in the event of an accident or injury can be a pre-emptive medical decision that exposes the company to liability. We do not believe it is in the best interest of a hurt worker for supervisors, employers or coworkers to make medical decisions regarding appropriate care. At MedCall, we believe a doctor board certified in Emergency Medicine is the most qualified person to make that call, which is why providing immediate connection to an injured worker is so important. A physician is a physician in the office, in the ER or on the phone.

When a MedCall physician accepts the call, he or she assumes the liability for that medical decision. If a MedCall physician believes a trip to the ER is the right medical decision, there is no hesitancy to send an injured worker there. In our experience, this is only the case for 19% of the calls we get. The other 81% of the time, an injured worker is grateful for the time they saved recuperating at home instead of waiting in the ER.

Our experienced physicians always tell injured workers they can seek care elsewhere and sometimes workers do just that. In these instances, MedCall physicians help the worker understand what they can expect from the emergency room. We find these workers are very grateful for the convenience, compassion, respect and reassurance they receive from MedCall.

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