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April 1, 2019

How much does MedCall save companies?

by admin in Blogs

The MedCall model is simple. Allowing employees to self-report their injuries eliminates fear and uncertainty for them, as well as time spent waiting, often unnecessarily, in an emergency department or urgent care. Immediate connection to a doctor board certified in Emergency Medicine avoids time spent in triage by less qualified medical personnel. As these doctors provide immediate treatment, they perform real-time reporting, which is delivered to the employer within hours. For employers, this model avoids reporting lag time and fraud, but most importantly, cost.

Because of MedCall’s unique real-time reporting structure, our savings calculations are based on actual data. We will work with our clients to extract catastrophic events and concentrate on average cost for emergency department and urgent care visits in order to set expectations. Nationwide, our net cost savings for direct medical care ranges from 34% to 55% simply by eliminating avoidable and unnecessary visits to brick-and-mortar emergency department and urgent cares.

We believe in the MedCall model. We do not charge up-front set-up costs, nor do we require binding long-term contracts. Our medical practice group is licensed and insured in all 50 states, so our network is ready to accommodate our clients’ employees on day one. By maintaining a clinical practice group rather than staffing company doctors, we are able to provide consistent immediate access without appointments or call backs. Our network of doctors, each board certified with ten years of experience in Emergency Medicine, is available 24/7/365.

There is a gross misconception within workers’ compensation that employees must go to the emergency department for the highest level of care. We believe our model is the highest level of care, compassion and convenience for our clients and their most valuable asset: their people.

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