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April 1, 2019

How does MedCall avoid fraud?

by admin in Blogs

MedCall was founded on the basic assumption that injured employees typically want to get better faster and get back to work. The best way to meet this end is by connecting them directly to doctors board certified in Emergency Medicine who can provide the treatment they need, which often keeps them at home, recovering more quickly, than waiting unnecessarily in an emergency department or urgent care facility.

Our model is not premised on assuming that an employee is feigning injury to take advantage of his or her employer, but it is remarkably effective at identifying these rare cases.

Statistics show a person seeking medical attention will almost always tell the physician the truth. They freely share with the physician what happened, how it happened and what they were doing when it happened. An experienced, board certified Emergency Medicine physician is the most adept person to distinguish a genuine injury from one that is being fabricated.

All MedCall encounters between employee and doctor are recorded in real-time, so that the employer benefits from actionable, irrefutable intelligence. There is little time post-treatment for anyone to “game the system.”

We believe injured workers simply want fast access to compassionate medical care. We also believe employers want what is best for their employees. We provide both.

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