MedCall Advisors is a revolutionary tele-emergent care medical service utilizing technology to immediately connect anyone experiencing a medical event with a board certified physician in Emergency Medicine.

What are the benefits of choosing MedCall?

Injured workers or patients are able to access our Emergency Physicians through their smart phones, tablets or computers, for both audio and video consultations.

MedCall’s immediate medical intervention is available 24/7/365 without appointments, callbacks or pre-authorization.

The MedCall Telemedicine Advisory Group is our sister company and is the largest physician-owned emergency medical practice group in the U.S., concentrating on tele-emergent triage. We provide global access to medical care.

With our process, after the employee receives treatment, we provide real-time actionable intelligence through comprehensive first reports of injury. This timely information helps to avoid lag time, fraud or baseless litigation.

In addition, MedCall provides strategic supplemental medical service to self-funded health plans and medical population groups, and offers after-hours support to clinical providers.

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MedCallMD is a privately held next generation tele-emergent care provider. Every MedCallMD physician is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine with years of Emergency Room experience. Our physicians are always on call and available within minutes 24/7/365 whenever you think you need medical attention. Our physicians are prepared to assist you with any non-life-threatening illness or injury.

We Excel

Immediate Connection to Clinical Care

MedCall empowers injured workers to connect with a nationwide network of ER physician in seconds.

Comprehensive First Report of Injury

MedCall physicians transcribe as they treat, resulting in comprehensive, first-person reporting.

Real-time Event Notification

With MedCall, you receive a report within hours of incident, complete with audio and video recording.

Case Management

MedCall follows immediate treatment with accurate assessment and case management support.

Virtual Physical Therapy

With MedCall, your injured workers are never alone. Compassionate care follows treatment.

Patient Transportation

With MedCall, injured workers get back to work faster, where they want to be.

MedCall Advisors removes all barriers for patients, employees and employers alike to immediately access care utilizing technology. Through our extensive technology platform and team of physicians board certified in Emergency Medicine, any one of our clients seeking medical attention receives the highest standard of care coupled with convenience and compassion.