MedCall Advisors is a comprehensive tele-emergent care medical service utilizing technology to immediately connect anyone experiencing a medical event with a physician Board Certified in Emergency Medicine.  Plan participants are able to access physicians through multiple mediums.  Landline calls, smart phones and computers provide both audio and video consultations.  MedCall medical triage is available 24/7/365 without appointments, call backs or pre-authorization to its plan participants. MedCall Telemedicine Advisory Group is our sister company and is the largest physician owned emergency medical practice group in the United States concentrating on Tele-Emergent triage.  MedCall is available nationwide.  The company has two core strategies providing triage and reporting to Workers Compensation and Healthcare.

Mission Statement

MedCall Advisors provides plan participants immediate global access to physicians Board Certified in Emergency Medicine anytime medical events occur at home, work or play.  We remove all barriers utilizing technology to facilitate care with the highest standards and best practices of medicine.