“I begin using MedCall a few years ago, I really wasn’t sure if it was something my family “needed”.  I quickly found out that not only did we need it, I couldn’t imagine not having it.  During times when my daughter was sick in the middle of the night, when I was extremely ill while traveling; instead of going to an ER I just picked up my cell phone.  It was so convenient and reassuring to have a doctor with me at all times.  I prefer to use MedCalll instead of going to see a doctor at an office.  It saves money, protects my family from being unnecessarily exposed to germs, and is more convenient with our busy schedules.  Thank you MedCall for showing me easier way to take care of our family!

V. Habbers, Litchfield, SC

“I am very pleased with this program. It is very helpful and easy to use and the staff is extremely courteous.”

Manufacturing Client

“My company provides a tele-medicine service but I subscribe to MedCall.  My family and I are regular users and appreciate the consistent and fast response and results”.

CEO, Rx Prescription Benefit Plan

“I am a college student and although our campus has a clinic with limited hours, the nearest urgent care is about 20 minutes away.  I can speak to a physician on my cell phone or computer from my dorm room.  It is very convenient and easy to use.”

Rebecca, Student at Elon University

“I was in New York for a week of business and my 12-year old son was traveling to stay with me over the weekend.   Suddenly on Friday afternoon I began to feel ill.  There was no way I could get to an Urgent Care in the city and make it to the airport to pick up my son.  MedCall located a pharmacy near my hotel and in minutes I had a prescription and was headed to the airport.   MedCall saved the weekend”.

Jerome, Insurance CEO, Puerto Rico

“I am a 52 year old fellow.   For 30 years, I did not have a regular Doc and didn’t get a physical.   If I got a cold or something, I went to a doc in the box.  I had to wait forever and 9 times out of 10, I picked up something in the waiting room that was worse than what I had when I went in there.

When I learned about MedCall, I thought I so rarely see a Doc, I won’t need it but I decided to sign up as the concept made sense to me.

Man, I have had flu, prostatitis, bronchitis and sinus infection since.   Each time, I know what I have and I hit the app on my cell phone.   In just a few minutes, I am on the phone with a Doc (usually the same Doc each time as my record must show it).   I tell my symptoms, the Doc asks lots of questions and offers me great advice and medicine called into my pharmacy.

And I did all the above, driving down the road to a meeting, sitting at my desk or at home.

My daughter had the flu one day and did not want to go to a Doc in the box.  She signed up and loves it.   My wife has used MedCall.

I reckon if you got something really bad wrong with you, you need to go see a doc in person.  But for most of us, we only need a Doc every now and then and MedCall is the way to go.    Unbelievably efficient and saves so much time and aggravation and I don’t run the risk of getting exposed to Ebola.

I just wished I had thought of it years ago myself”.

Ed Wall, Atlanta, Georgia

“I have been subscribed to MedCall for 3 years.  My family of 5 makes 10-12 call per year.  The call coordinators know us by name and physicians are always patient and committed to seeking to resolve our issues.  When we need prescriptions, they call them in to our neighborhood pharmacy.  When we travel, they are always available.  Don’t want to ever be without it.”

C. McIntyre, CEO Sales, South Carolina

In 2016, an assisted living facility employee felt pain in their back while in the process of moving a patient. After attempting self-treatment with over-the-counter medication for two days without success, the employee was provided the number for Virtual MD+ and spoke with a trained physician immediately. Placed on light duty and prescribed medication for the pain, the employee was instructed to follow-up within three days. During the follow-up, the employee stated that they had slept well and applied heat over the weekend. An additional follow-up one week later confirmed the employee had completely recovered and was released back to their normal duties.

By utilizing VirtualMD+, the injured employee was able to avoid a costly urgent care/emergency room visit. Communicating over the phone and following the physician’s instructions allowed the injured employee to speed up their recovery without missing any time from work. The employer was so pleased with the results of this claim; they indicated this claimant would now become the “poster child” for workers compensation within their organization. Treatment for the injured employee at a clinic could have cost approximately $230 – $1,500, depending on the time of the occurrence. By using Virtual MD+, the employer saved approximately $130 – $1,400 and ensure quality treatment for their employee. During a customer delivery for a furniture manufacturer, a large box fell directly onto the delivery driver’s foot. The injured employee called Virtual MD+ and received immediate medical advice from a trained physician. The physician instructed the employee to continue light duty work and to follow-up within three days. During the three-day follow-up, the employee was released to resumed regular activity.

Due to the time of the initial accident, the injured employee would have typically been directed to a hospital emergency room for treatment. By avoiding the unnecessary emergency room visit, the employer saved approximately $1400 and the injured employee saved hours of inessential wait time. The injured employee was also allowed to continue working through the duration of his treatment, avoiding the additional indirect costs of a replacement driver.

VIRTUALMD+ Powered by MedCall Advisors

“I just had an employee drop by my desk to say how MedCall helped her when her own physician was not available. It not only avoided an ER visit, but she was able to obtain medication for the condition (her own physician could not work her in and would not prescribe over the phone) and the MedCall Assist physician set up an appointment for an ultrasound for tomorrow morning. Her own physician was not able to do this for her. She is impressed, and since I know this employee pretty well, that is a major accomplishment!”

Pamela, Senior Director, Alvarez & Marsal